1. Classroom support for individual teachers or groups of teachers, turns theory into practice and can empower teachers to:

  2. implement school initiatives with confidence

  3. ensure consistency of approach

  4. enable productive dialogue in the classroom

  5. empower learners

  6. plan engaging and effective mathematics lessons

  7. manage the range of abilities in the classroom

  8. effectively assess children’s understanding and plan next steps

A taster for you......

Choose four single digit numbers .

How many different totals can you make?

Which four digits allow you to make the most totals? The fewest?

Bespoke support...

subject knowledge

A short course from one or two twilight sessions to 2 full days can serve a range of purposes:

  1. launch a focus on aspects of mathematics in a school or group of schools

  2. focus colleagues on a key issue in a development plan such as:- developing  assessment for learning; differentiation; developing a problem solving approach; ensuring consistent use of resources

  3. re-ignite excitement in mathematics learning

  4. ensuring that recording in mathematics supports learning

  5. a combination of these plus class based support

short courses

twilight sessions

planning and teaching

To ensure children build a strong mathematical understanding ae become creative, confident mathematicians, secure and consistent subject knowledge and watertight trajectories are essential in school. This includes:

  1. ensuring all staff have a clear understanding of the national curriculum strands

  2. building progression documents for calculation and other aspects of the curriculum

  3. developing a cohesive approach to the use of models and images to support learning

  4. making links with other subjects and between different areas of mathematics

Janine Blinko