A growing collection of articles about current and crucial aspects of mathematics teaching and learning.

Powerpoint problems

A few problems presented as powerpoint presentations, than can be used to initiate an investigation in a lesson, or in an assembly. (You might want to work through the problem yourself first..!) These are all available as downloads.

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MATHS AT HOME:  Helping your Child towards Numeracy.
Developed by a group of teachers, edited by Janine Blinko

This 64-page book provides a wide range of activities for parents to play with their children to support them as they learn to count and calculate. Ideal for selling on to parents at consultation evenings.

Free taster from inside the book: Maths at Home Taster.pdf

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Janine Blinko and Ann Slater

This 200-page book provides practical activities for all aspects of teaching and learning to measure, and identifies the similarities and differences between them.

Free tasters from inside the book:  About Teaching Measures.pdf  
                                                       Teaching Measures Taster.pdf

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TEACHING CALCULATION:  Using Exchange to Build Understanding and Success in the Four Rules
Janine Blinko

This publication offers a clear pathway from the Reception to Y6 for the teaching and learning of written calculation.

The content has been updated  to ensure that it is in line with the demands of the new National Curriculum.

It includes games and activities, and step by step expectations which will lead to success in addition, subtraction multiplication and division using a consistent model to ensure secure development of understanding and skill.

The content includes a draft calculation policy.

Learn more about this book:  Introduction 2014.pdf

Free taster from inside the book: Teaching Calculation Taster.pdf

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Activities, Games and Support Materials

A growing collection of materials emerging from work in schools and CPD courses, useful for class teachers and subject leaders.