Janine Blinko

Independent Mathematics Consultant

I work with schools, teachers, universities and LA’s to support children and teachers in becoming confident, competent and engaged in mathematics; to enjoy success in mathematics; and to develop an adventurous mathematical spirit.

I have worked in schools, mostly primary, for many years with many different roles, including:

  1. subject leader

  2. advisory teacher

  3. deputy head teacher in a large primary school

  4. question writing and reviewing for national tests and Cambridge mathematics

  5. senior lecturer ITT

  6. author of articles and curriculum materials

  7. CPD provider for a range of LAs  and organisations

I am particularly interested in the use of Lesson Study and teacher research as a vehicle for developing teaching and learning in mathematics, and in promoting children and teachers enjoyment and positive view of themselves as creative learners of mathematics. I am convinced that all adults and children can be successful and happy mathematicians!

About me....

A taster for you......

Work with a partner.

Draw a game board each like this.

As you take turns to roll the dice, write the number in one of the boxes.

After 4 rolls each, find the sum.

Highest score wins....

         ...or lowest.. or nearest to 50.